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America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version


America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version
All Your Freedoms LLC
1 hr 49 min 28 sec – Oct 20, 2006

Please visit http://www.freedomtofascism.com to purchase the DVD.

This is the "Director's Final Cut" authorized version of Aaron Russo's documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF). It is being uploaded to Google Video for the first time during the evening of October 19-20th, 2006. Aaron has listened to everyone's feedback – volunteers, students, lovers of freedom & liberty, young and old alike – and, true to his word, he is putting this up "for free" on Google Video knowing that the hour has come for Americans to either be awakened to restore the Republic or be swept aside by the dark global forces of fascism that seeks to enslave mankind.

AFTF's main focus comes in a statement with six very simple words: SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM!!

After viewing the movie, please be sure to visit http://www.freedomtofascism.com where you will soon be able to view a much higher quality "pay per view" Internet version of AFTF, buy the DVD and sign up as an affiliate to sell/distribute DVDs to others.

We also urge everyone to be sure to sign up as volunteer, register for email alerts and tell your family, friends and neighbors about this groundbreaking movie.

Another Google parody site : UnderGoos



UnderGoos is another Google.com parody site. Well, there are many such sites making fun of the great Google 😀

This site has some new creative stuff. If you have nothing else to do, then You may give it a try.


Just waiting for the updates


I hate waiting. But this time I have to wait for many good stuff(hopefully).

 First of all there will be Fedora Core 6 available to public on 17 October. Fedora is one of my favorite Linux distribution. And I am eager to install it on my system.


Invision Power Board 2.2 will also be released soon. I’ve tried the Invision Power Board 2.2 Beta release and I think this new updated version is worth the hassle. The prising scheme is also being changed for IPB customers, but as I’ve already got the Perpetual License, This change will be in my favour.


Now the firefox 2 is scheduled to be released very soon. There are many new features in this new version like:

  • Built in Phishing Protection.
  • Search suggestions now appear with search history in the search box for Google, Yahoo! and Answers.com
  • Changes to tabbed browsing behavior
  • Ability to re-open accidentally closed tabs
  • Better support for previewing and subscribing to web feeds
  • Inline spell checking in text boxes
  • Search plugin manager for removing and re-ordering search engines
  • New microsummaries feature for bookmarks
  • Automatic restoration of your browsing session if there is a crash
  • New combined and improved Add-Ons manager for extensions and themes
  • New Windows installer based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  • Support for JavaScript 1.7
  • Support for client-side session and persistent storage
  • Extended search plugin format
  • Updates to the extension system to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions
  • Support for SVG text using svg:textPath

Now come to the Joomla. Joomla is one of the best open source CMS(Content Management System) currently available. The new version (Joomla! 1.5 Beta) will be released on 12th of October. As stated in the oficial Joomla site the goals for the Joomla! 1.5 release are to:

  • Substantially improve usability, manageability, and scalability far beyond the original Mambo foundations.

  • Expand accessibility to support internationalisation, double-byte characters and Right-to-Left support for Arabic and Hebrew languages.

  • Extend the integration of external applications through Web Services and remote authentication such as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

  • Enhance the content delivery, template and presentation capabilities to support accessibility standards and content delivery to any destination.

  • Achieve a more sustainable and flexible framework for component and extension developers.

  • Deliver backwards compatibility with previous releases of components, templates, modules and other extensions.


There are some other stuff scheduled to be released very soon. And now, I am eagerly waiting for the changes. 🙂

Incredible Machine [[ By Trunks007 ]]


Incredible Machine [[ By Trunks007 ]]

12 min 54 sec – Oct 5, 2006

Assolutamente Da Guardare

Great ‘PHP’ easter egg


After the Google easter egg. I’ve got information about another great easter egg. This time it is hidden in every site that uses php. 🙂

Live example of PHP easter egg.

To see it in action just append the following string to the site URL that uses php interpreter at server side:


For example:






I got a dog and the blurry php logo in the test run. 🙂

Unusual Google.com access points.


As I’m a big fan of Google.com and its services. I usually spend a lot of time daily on Google. So, here are some of the strange pages on Google.com site:

A google.com page with colored background: 

As we all know Google pages have simple layouts and color settings. All the Google pages I know have same white (#ffffff) background. But today I found this strange looking page with a background color.

Visit this page at: http://services.google.com/

Google Historical Home page(2003):

I got this information from another Google fan that by using the following URL you can actually access the google.com home page as it was in year 2003. This page is still showing Searching 3,083,324,652 web pages’. Here is the URL:


Google Historical Home page(2001):

This is also the similar page showing the Google.com homepage of year 2001. I see they had 1,610,476,000 web pages in their database at that time.


That’s it for now. 

Keep Googling…

UPDATE: Within a few hours of my post it seems that Google has removed the last two secret pages(historical homepages), but for the pleasure of my readers I’ve discovered the official Google easter egg 🙂


The longest word in english language.


The word Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is officially the longest word in English language. It means “a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, mostly found in volcanos”.

So let’s break it down to understand it better:

  • pneumono = related to lungs (Latin, from Greek)
  • ultra = beyond (Latin, as in “ultraviolet”)
  • microscopic = extremely small (Latin/Old English, from Greek mikron, small, and skopos, view)
  • silico = silica (Latin)
  • volcano = volcano (Latin)
  • coni = related to dust (Greek: konis, dust)
  • osis = disease / condition (Greek)

It is cool to know about the longest word in english. But can you pronounce this 45-letter word in a single breath? 🙂

Google.com : Reverse IP check.


I was just curious to know what is the main Google IP, then I got the IP address from domainsdb.net. It is supposed to be the IP address for the Google.com.

The interesting fact here is that in Reverse IP check, the same IP is being used to handle other domains too.

Here are the details: