eBay Humours Auction Listing of the day.

While usual wandering around on eBay Auctions today, I found this humours Power Seller [ 1judyann ]. Impressed with her unique listings style I was inspired enough to bid on one of those stop smoking thingies she has listed on eBay(Although I am not going to quit that marvelous hobby that easily).

For example, here is an quick snippet from her listings:

I have tried running after the mail truck, following to it’s destination to make sure that your package doesn’t get lost or damaged. But quite frankly all that exercise is wearing me out. So, if you are shipping USPS and want protection please take insurance so I can stay home and get some rest…….



  • You have been asked to appear on the “Today” show because of your pig calling talent, which is currently the rage on You-Tube….
  • You are suffering from a severe case of rabies or are in a self induced coma and have neglected to appoint an eBay administrator to handle your bids and payments……
  • You are being sent overseas on a top secret mission and won’t be around to respond…..
  • The President called you to the White House for a consultation on the economy and foreign affairs……
  • Your computer is located just too far away to check emails more than once a month…..
  • You just have fun pressing all those cute little buttons on your keyboard……
  • You love to window shop, but don’t want to spend your money….
  • You just won the lottery, but you are only going to use the money to “Save the World”….
  • You are just too busy with your “My Space” page….
  • I am sure there are other ways you can have your fun……Like Eating Pig Intestines and Camel Regurgitation on FEAR FACTOR……

LOL. And here is a link to one of her listings: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370029309676

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