Google thinks every site is infected with malware

Everything was working fine, but just few minutes ago I noticed something really strange with google search. I tried many keywords and tried to visit many links on the result page but some how Google thinks every site listed on the result page is infected with malware and it is giving a warning that
“visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Here are the screenshots:

I am yet unsure if it is Google’s problem or there is something weired happening on my system, I’ll updates after quick investigation. Till than if you are facing the same problem, please let me know.

Update: I just found out that I am not the only one facing this problem, actually every Google user is getting the same response for every site on the net. I guess Google malware filter has got some bug. It is a really bad news for Google. Google’s stock (GOOG) have already started to fall since this started. 🙁

Update 2: Looks like Google has fixed the problem now. 🙂

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