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Hello World.

Welcome to

It’s me, Shobhit Kumar Prabhakar (AKA: Sunny). And here is my blog that I’ll fill with all kind of my random mental conclusions that are generated all the time automatically in my mind. I guess that is what we call ‘Perception‘.

From now on-words you can just jump into the for the latest random stuff from the INTERNET and from other unusual sources as well. The is a new addition to the Zobh networks that is created to provide you with the interesting information that I wish you should also know. This section will normally be updated daily.

Being a techno-addict person, this whole new information hub will definitely contain some good stuff, that you can actually use(I don’t know how 🙂 ).

The blogs are actually a great way to represent the thought and experiences of a writer just in real time. The blogs also let the visitors submit there comments on the topics they read.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing thought the posts and let the world know what you think about it by using the comment feature.

O.K. then, just keep visiting this site for more from me.


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I have been providing survey design and data analytics solution for last 4 years. I specialize in ODK (Open Data Kit) and making complex multilingual XLSForms with randomization, skip logics, validation, multimedia etc. Over the years I have developed over 100 complex XLSForms for surveys conducted by reputed research scholars from major US universities. I've also been in web development field for over 12 years. I've vast experience in PHP, MySQL, Linux, CSS, SEO as well as in various applications in Windows Platform etc. I wish to serve my clients with diverse needs using my experience and talent to improve customer satisfaction and help my company achieve rapid success. I've Engineering degree in Information Technology as well as Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering.



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