Google Search 502 Error

Google 502 Error Screenshot

I was searching on Google as usual and just moments ago I faced 502 error on search result page. Even Google can face such problems.

HTTP Error code 502 is also known as Bad gateway error, which in simple language means that the server which is distributing the content received from upstream server got invalid response from upstream server. Usually on big and busy sites a proxy or cache server works in between the web application server and the user (your web browser) to minimize the stress on application server. In such scenario sometimes, the application server get too many requests or due to some other cause can not deliver the content to the caching server and the 502 error is displayed at user’s browser.

It is not the first time Google faced some problem, I have seen many other errors while using Google, but it is important to note that even the all mighty Google can face problems such as Error 502.

By the way, the Robot image and the last line in error description: “That’s all we know.” feels funny. 🙂


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  1. Google’s rise to success was in large part due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. When Google was a Stanford research project, it was nicknamed BackRub because the technology checks backlinks to determine a site’s importance.


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