The Linux Counter [] keeps track of registered Linux users and Linux machines. It is voluntary, so people who opt to sign in and register their machine help them estimate the currently total Linux users. Apart from keeping track of number of users and machines it also includes machine details such as hostname, uptime and specifications etc.
Shobhit : The Linux Counter Page

The Linux Counter Page : Shobhit Kumar Prabhakar

I am registered user of The Linux Counter since 2004. Today I was updating my new server details ( at the site (It is required to login to the site once a year or the account details may be deleted due to inactivity). After inserting the details I was checking the statistics given on the site. I noticed that the longest uptime record is : 14969.3 days as per that site. It is over 40 years. 😮

It is obviously shocking as Unix was originally developed in 1969 and  Linux kernel was originally written in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. So, I guessed their must be something wrong with those stats. Further investigation revealed that there was a known bug in Linux Kernel 2.6.* that shows wrong uptime on Linux machines. I noticed that on Linux counter uptime records page 301 machines with Linux Kernel 2.6.24 have uptime of 14969.3 days. See the screenshots below:

 The wrong uptime information advertised by those machines has also affected the overall average uptime recorded for worldwide Linux machines. I hope people at The Linux Counter Project will soon fix this problem.

Apart from that I am a proud Linux user since 2003. As a matter of fact all my sites are on Linux Servers. 🙂