Unusual Google.com access points.

As I’m a big fan of Google.com and its services. I usually spend a lot of time daily on Google. So, here are some of the strange pages on Google.com site:

A google.com page with colored background: 

As we all know Google pages have simple layouts and color settings. All the Google pages I know have same white (#ffffff) background. But today I found this strange looking page with a background color.

Visit this page at: http://services.google.com/

Google Historical Home page(2003):

I got this information from another Google fan that by using the following URL you can actually access the google.com home page as it was in year 2003. This page is still showing Searching 3,083,324,652 web pages’. Here is the URL:


Google Historical Home page(2001):

This is also the similar page showing the Google.com homepage of year 2001. I see they had 1,610,476,000 web pages in their database at that time.


That’s it for now. 

Keep Googling…

UPDATE: Within a few hours of my post it seems that Google has removed the last two secret pages(historical homepages), but for the pleasure of my readers I’ve discovered the official Google easter egg 🙂


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