Power of Gmail for your own Domain name

Gmail is releasing a new service for website owners that would allow them to use their own domain names instead of gmail.com.

In other words Gmail will handle all the mail related stuff for your domain name. The service is currently Beta stage and it is available to limited parties only. If you think you may help Google by volunteering for the Beta test then simply go to the homepage of this new service and answer few quick questions and Google may select you for the beta test.

Here is what you’ll get after registration.

Bring Gmail to your domain.

This special beta test lets you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, to every user at your domain. Gmail for your domain is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

Gmail   Gmail – 2 gigabytes of storage and search tools that help your users find information fast. Instant messaging from right inside their accounts.
gtalk   Google Talk – Users can call or send instant messages to their contacts for free – anytime, anywhere in the world.
Google Calendar   Google Calendar – Users can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with others.
Google Control Panel   Control Panel – Easily manage user accounts, aliases, mailing lists, and chat settings.

 Have a question in mind related to this service? then just have a look at the Service FAQ page. Here you can get the answers for all common silly questions.

Now, I am just waiting for the day when Google will start the commercial web hosting service 😉


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