‘Wallet365’ India’s online payment solution.


Well, It is not the first of its kind, Not even in India. But it is kind-of special because: It is a service by well established ‘times group‘. And guess what? Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself launched the Wallet365.com 🙂

 After getting to the homepage of Wallet365, I was happy to find out some good options and services proposed by this Indian equivalent to PayPal. Although PaisaPay is the proposed service to Indians by eBay group and their PayPal is also available to Indian consumers and I use it more often. But the proposed options like funds withdrawal by local courier and direct transfer to band account are more tempting to me.


So, it was certainly impossible for me Not to test drive such a proposed service. So, I popped up new browser window and got the site opened. The layout is quite simple and in odd lemon colour, But who cares if you get a good service for nominal fee.




Anyways, Then I clicked on the link to sign-up page. I don’t know why they have made it mandatory to enter both home and office phone numbers(with STD codes). And more interestingly Why they only accept numerical Password (PIN number) of exactly 5 digits in length? It is kind of weird policy for an online financial service. but anyways I continued and filled the whole form just to find out that they have some silly bug in the form validation that gives a fake error even if everything is correctly filled. I tried it many times with different email ids but the form kept declining my email ids stating them to be in invalid format. Duh!!!

I cannot review it further because of that silly bug and completely bad impression. The proper testing is required for any web service and it is more important if you are starting an online financial service, The security is also important and 5 digit numerical passwords can not keep an account safe, a simple brute force attack can easily break it easily. I just wish to conclude that this is NOT what we need or can even use. Certainly it will get 3/10 on my rating system.

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