Expired Domain Names still listed on The Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage Screenshot
The Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage was launched by Alex Tew in 2005 with a unique idea, it was literally a 1000px*1000px digital billboard with multiple small banners. Each pixel on the page was worth $1 USD in 10px*10px blocks which can be used by the buyer to post image and a back-link to advertised site.

In nearly 4 months all spots in The Million Dollar Homepage were sold making over a million dollars forAlex Tew. ­čÖé

Now, there are sites at that time who purchased advertisement location on The Million Dollar Homepage, but few of those domains have expired. Here is the list of domains still listed on The Million Dollar Homepage and the domains have expired.

  • googapixels.com
  • ltd-realestate-investment.com
  • mahuang4weightloss.com
  • adakelly.com
  • arleenllewellyn.com
  • baby-million-dollar.com
  • bigdixbrand.com
  • bracelets-by-rd-designs.com
  • buy-email-mailing-list.net
  • corpdesignconsultancy.net
  • digden.net
  • digital-legacy-productions.com
  • discoverasyoulikeit.com
  • easymon1.com
  • ezweb-uk.net
  • fantasyfootballinfo.org
  • gold-cosmetics.com
  • goodhealthwealthandhappiness.com
  • knuckleballsoup.com
  • mamboip.com
  • mandalina-online.com
  • million-dollar-health-page.com
  • milliondollarbackpage.com
  • milliondollarfrontpage.com
  • millionpixeleuro.com
  • motopixelpage.com
  • niftycash.net
  • no1rentacar.com
  • pixels4all.com
  • secure-mind.com
  • snipproductions.com
  • spreadjerrypaul.com
  • sw2it.com
  • ten-best-credit-cards.com
  • texpixad.com
  • theinsult-a-gram.com
  • theipodshop.net
  • theukmillionpoundhomepage.com
  • tomtomtucker.com
  • tradersatebay.com
  • ubccustom.com
  • wealth4living.net
  • webmonitorxp.com
  • yeyerecommends.com
  • googamillions.com
  • themilliondollarfrontpage.com

Hurry up, you can still own a place in the history of the Internet.

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