I was just curious to know what is the main Google IP, then I got the IP address from domainsdb.net. It is supposed to be the IP address for the Google.com.

The interesting fact here is that in Reverse IP check, the same IP is being used to handle other domains too.

Here are the details:


Found 31 domain entrees on IP:
IP location:  United States [US] – California – Mountain View
IP owner: GOOGLE
IP assigned to: GOOGLE
Domains on

1. 466453.com
2. appsem.com
3. apsem.com
4. alloutbigbash.net
5. alloutbigbash.com
6. choulex.net
7. careyca.com
8. choulex.com
9. djtronic.net
10. djxxl.net
11. djtronic.com
12. google.net
13. gewgol.com
14. gogle.com
15. gogole.com
16. googil.com
17. google.com
18. googlee.com
19. googleimageads.com
20. goolge.com
21. gppglr.com
22. google.info
23. google.ru
24. jxoxo.com
25. maxiomsolutions.net
26. musicexpresslimousine.com
27. minimeta.com
28. surfhotspot.com
29. the-mpaa.biz
30. wwwgooglesyndication.com
31. zivoog.com

It seems that these domains are very important to Google.

Then a whois query for this IP returned this information. So the whole range of IP block (NetRange: to is reserved by Google Inc. Kewl 🙂

Then my curiosity for such information on Google forced me for an DNS record query for Google.com. You can see the results on  http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=google.com
So the Google NameServers are using different IPs form the alloted netblock. Nothing special about that. But wait a second, If it is related to google then there must be somthing special. So, My further investigation returned this super interresting results:

Wow the ns1.google.com is being used to host 1693 Domains itself.