Are you going to finish strong – Life Without Limbs – Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a differently-abled brave young man suffering from rare Tetra-amelia disorder. He has no limbs yet he lives his life independently and gives inspirational speeches to people all over the world.

He believes that anyone can overcome any situation if he/she does not stop trying, No failure is ultimate, and with courage and continuous efforts all the problems in life can be solved.

Are You Going to Finish Strong?

For more information please visit – Life Without Limbs.

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  1. Some one forward just a little of your story, and you touch my heart I’m sure like many. But I needed to thank you. It would be great to see you in person please advise if you ever make it to Portland OR.
    Thanks and please keep work with the kids they sure need a roll model like you in there lives.

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