10 ways to convert black money to white

PM Modi ji has declared that all older 500 and 1000 Rs notes will be worth just a piece of paper, and every one has to get the old currency notes converted into a new one through either bank or post-office. The problem is, you may have a lot of undisclosed money, which is also called black money, that you can not simply take to the bank as it would get you under income tax department’s scanner.So, what to do now? Here are some simple methods experts in this field are using for a long time.

So, what to do now? Answer: Here are some simple methods experts in this field are using for a long time. You can also try these tips and convert your black money into white. (Tips posted here are based on some common sense and these are only for entertainment purpose and I do not have any previous experience in handling black money. You should NEVER try any of the unlawful methods.)

Changing black money to white could be very usual at present. Men and women use all unlawful method to transform black cash to white. This article is written to show ways which men and women use to convert black cash to white. I no method inspire any taxpayers to make use of any of the underways.
10 approach to convert Black cash to White


Get it changed via marketers
There are a lot of agents in the market who will without difficulty take your unlawful cash money and either offer you authorized money or aid you invest the black cash in some enterprise.

Bogus mortgage entry
Fashionable approach men and women use to transform black cash to white is through displaying bogus mortgage entry. Modus operandi underneath this case will likely be person supply black cash to friend or relative and take a cheque from them. This is sort of bogus mortgage entry to transform black cash to white.
In some circumstances, people supply reimbursement of this loan by giving again cheque. Men and women doing this must recognize that income tax division is gazing every transaction and taxpayer need to prove the genuineness of every transaction.

Components of trust & doing charity
An extra trendy manner used by people to transform black cash to white is by way of formulating believe for social motive. They make executive our bodies of own people in believe mostly illiterate people like driver prepare dinner and so on. They donate black cash to this belief as charity to transform black money.
On paper it’s charity however off the shelf it’s conversion of black money to white.

Displaying earnings as agriculture revenue
Another standard means of converting black money into white is by displaying sales as agriculture earnings. In an effort to show earnings as agriculture income you need to possess land and it must be used for agriculture cause like the plantation, backyard nursery and so on.
Nonetheless, there are more than a few conditions you have to fulfill in an effort to claim agriculture income.

Showing cash income from profession
A different trendy approach to transform black money to white is with the aid of displaying earnings in money. Income from tuition, reputable expenses or fee is shown as money by many taxpayers it is nothing, however, changing black money in white.

Sale of private belonging like jewelry
Go to a recognized jeweler and give him all black cash you want to convert. He provides you with a cheque for the equal quantity. He will also give you purchase bill showing you bought your individual jewelry to him. Through this manner, your black money is changed to white and you needn’t pay capital to acquire tax even.

Changing black money by funding
An extra method folks use to convert black money to white is by means of making an investment in money.
Persons buy an insurance policy and pay the premium in cash. For illustration, if insurance premium is 50000 rs/- payable quarterly, then individuals pay first top-class via cheque and leisure all top class in cash. This is most straightforward and widespread approach to convert black money in white.

Getting black money as reward
An additional general means to transform black money to white is by means of getting a gift from relative. Modus operandi is discreet you’ve black cash and your relative has the same quantity of white money. Your relative issues cheque to you as the reward and you are going to provide your black cash to him/her.
Depositing black money on name of loved ones members
Yet another popular process for converting black cash to white is to open a bank account for each person family member. Deposit black cash on the name of each household member to convert it to white.

Buy actual property
Real estate is the sector where the majority of black money is parked. Persons use actual estate offers to transform black money to white. It is determined that men and women do false real property deal exchange money and cancel these offers due to non-fee of cash.

Declare black money
Best system for changing black money to white as per me is with the aid of declaring this cash to its authorities and paying tax on this cash to convert it to white.

Get aid from God
I’m not joking, temples have quite a few tax-free cash, and they are able to help you convert banned old foreign money notes to the legal one. Just contact some pujari of your nearby temple and he’s going to help you. When you have additional cash then go to pilgrimage to devout locations and you’re going to get freedom out of your black cash quandary.

Disclaimer –
I don’t recommend readers to comply with any of these ways for black money conversion. This article is only for exposing loopholes in our method. I am towards black cash and black cash new release ideas.
If I have neglected every other approach which individuals use to convert their black money into white cash I request you to share it in remark part.