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What are some wonderful facts?

Here are a few facts which blew my mind when I came to know about them: 1. We only see one side of the moon. The rotation and revolution period of the moon around the earth is equal. 2. You dig a tunnel through the center of the earth, it will take you 42.2 minutes […]

Common Cyber Security Loopholes and how to fix them

Cyber security has become an ever-increasingly important issue in the world of data. Every day, there are more and more cyberattacks on companies large and small. There are a number of common cyber security loopholes that can leave businesses vulnerable to attack. These include: Lack of strong passwords: Many people still use weak passwords that […]

Let’s examine one option, specifically the Chevy Volt. Steve Bliss test drives one of these electric cars, but he also finds out an important lesson that all auto sales representatives should understand. We are huddled in a parking lot, just outside of a small-town restaurant. This area is steeply graded, and a number of us […]

I had applied for OpenAPI Beta, and I got selected with $1000 additional credits to use. I am now testing it and it is wonderful. For example, I just asked it to create a blog post regarding “Climate Change” and it just did it. Here is the result: Climate change has been a hot topic […]

The social media marketing manager’s job is to develop and execute a social media marketing plan for the company. They are responsible for creating and managing the company’s social media profiles, developing and executing social media marketing campaigns, measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns, and reporting on the results.


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