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  • What Social Media Marketing Manager job is and its responsibilities

    The social media marketing manager’s job is to develop and execute a social media marketing plan for the company. They are responsible for creating and managing the company’s social media profiles, developing and executing social media marketing campaigns, measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns, and reporting on the results.

  • GoDaddy Coupon Code – Get 35% Off on Everything

    GoDaddy is the biggest ICANN Accridated Domain Registrar. Go Daddy makes registering Domain Names fast, simple, and affordable for everyone. I am using GoDaddy to get my domains registered since I jumped into web development. You can use my GoDaddy custom Coupon Code WOWshobhit at checkout to get 35%¬ off anything you buy*. I guess […]

  • Google bumping newer pages in search results

    There have been some reports that Google bouncing new pages in search results. You can read one such story at DigitalPoint[ ]. Also, there are articles about that Google Search Algorithm Update [ ] and [ ] If that is true then certainly the PR would matter less in SEO techniques. Also, […]