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Google got a new Shortcut icon (Favicon)

Today I noticed that Google’s old(Capitol letter G with colored border) favicon has been replaced with a new simple lowercase ‘g’  in blue color with some gray gradiant.  Google has recently updated its Google Reader favicon, and now its turn for its main favicon.   It looks like Google is doing a whole brand identity update. 🙂

eBay and PayPal claim to be the best e-commerce service providers online, But in-fact there stupid policies and useless fraud detection system causes trouble only to the genuine buyers and sellers. The fraudsters easily bait the buyers and run aways with the money, while the genuine users get there accounts under unprofessional scrutiny for no […]

Cool Street Stunts by Mario Patino

Cool Street Stunts by Mario Patino This 30 Second Video shows the talent of this Jumping Boy. Mario Patiño stunts are cool. 🙂


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