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  • Aw, Snap! Found a silly bug in Google Chrome

    Aw, Snap! Found a silly bug in Google Chrome

    Today while I was doing some weired experiemts on a site I found that in Chrome pasting a special ASCII character [ALT+0173] twice in any text box instantly crashes that browser instance as well as its parent tab(if you’ve opened that new page by clicking on a link on another page then its parent would […]

  • Google thinks every site is infected with malware

    Everything was working fine, but just few minutes ago I noticed something really strange with google search. I tried many keywords and tried to visit many links on the result page but some how Google thinks every site listed on the result page is infected with malware and it is giving a warning that “visiting […]

  • [Linux] Record uptime of over 40 Years at counter.li.org is incorrect

    The Linux CounterĀ [http://counter.li.org/] keeps track of registered Linux users and Linux machines. It is voluntary, so people who opt to sign in and register their machine help them estimate the currently total Linux users. Apart from keeping track of number of users and machines it also includes machine details such as hostname, uptime and specifications […]