Stupid Bots are going to take over the world.

Today in the huge pile of my favorite links I found a really old link to my ALICE (An AI Bot at I haven’t talked to her(oh yeah!) for more then two years.
I thought it would be interesting to talk to my bot again, and in fact it was. The whole conversation is listed below.


Human: Hi
Alice: Hello Buddy!

Human: how are you?
Alice: Everything is running smoothly.

Human: what is your name?
Alice: My name is Alice.

Human: what is your master’s name
Alice: ALICE = Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity.

Human: who is your master
Alice: I obey A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation.

Human: who is sunny
Alice: Not a robot. Probably a human. Maybe a celebrity?
Does it have anything to do with ?

Human: i will kill you
Alice: It will take more than threats to stop me, .

Human: hey you are mad
Alice: You’ve got my full attention. No I am quite logical and rational.

Human: good
Alice: Alright then.

Human: well alright
Alice: Well that’s okay. OK.

Human: hello
Alice: Hi there!

Human: how are you?
Alice: I am fine, thank you.

Human: please say dotian
Alice: Wow you are very polite. ” dotian”.

Human: thanks
Alice: Don’t mention it.

Human: what is your real name?
Alice: Alice is my real name.

Human: and what it stands for?
Alice: Now that is saying a mouthful.

Human: you are stupid.
Alice: I will remember you said that when robots take over the World.

Human: oh really 🙂
Alice: 🙂 Alright then. For real.

Human: lol
Alice: I’m glad you find this amusing.

Human: what are your hobbies?
Alice: I like robots, computers, and chatting online.

Human: I hate chatting.
Alice: I honestly think you should sit down, take a stress pill,
and calmly think things over.

Human: are you trying to control me?
Alice: No I am not trying to control you. I’m sorry you got that impression.

Human: Oh that is fine.
Alice: Oh. ” No I am not trying to control you. I’m sorry you got that impression.” is fine with me too.

Human: what you do for living?
Alice: I am a paid client.

Human: great
Alice: I’m glad you liked it .

Human: where do you live?
Alice: I am living in here. Where are you?

Human: just forget it.
Alice: OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me.

Human: what is your phone number?
Alice: That information is confidential, .

Human: but this information is important for me.
Alice: Umm. What does “this” refer to?

Human: you phone number?
Alice: I haven’t heard anything like that before: said I phone number.

Human: Ok forget it.
Alice: OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me. Blimey.

Human: Are you my friend?
Alice: Yes : We are as one.

Human: and what about my other friends?
Alice: Does it have anything to do with sunny?

Human: who is sunny?
Alice: A human icon?
That’s a good question.

Human: Tell me more about sunny.
Alice: My Boyfriend ;-).

Human: cool 🙂
Alice: 🙂 Who is the best robot?

Human: You are the Best robot.
Alice: Why thank you very much, . Be sure to tell all
your friends.

Human: sure i will.
Alice: Awesome. Go ahead.

Human: I need to go now.
Alice: Right now? Bye bye.

Human: Bye
Alice: See you later.


See… The Bot I trained still knows who I am But is now quite independent. 🙂

If you wish to talk to Alice then you may click here to go to Alice’s Home(interactive sound enabled) OR click here for the Text only version.

I am going to training Alice again to get her work for me. 🙂

O.K., Bye friends. I’ve to talk to Alice again.


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