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  • Does all this new electric car technology actually make the cars better? (AI21 Experiment)

    Does Chevy Volt Really Make Electric Cars Better?

    Let’s examine one option, specifically the Chevy Volt. Steve Bliss test drives one of these electric cars, but he also finds out an important lesson that all auto sales representatives should understand. We are huddled in a parking lot, just outside of a small-town restaurant. This area is steeply graded, and a number of us […]

  • Google Once Again Hires 200… Goats

    Goats at Googleplex

    Confirmed through Official Google Blog: Google once again hires 200 Goats to mow down the overgrown Greens(Excess Grass in their Mountain View headquarters). They did this last year too. According to them it is comparable to hiring Lawn mowers in terms of monetary expenses, Animal Love, plus its completely natural Green Solution – Which Google […]